Advantage 420 Respirator


The Advantage 420 Respirator is a half mask with dual filter ports. It features a Uni-Bond over-mould face piece, AnthroCurve face seal, and low profile design. Advantage 420 Respirator is the superior option for respiratory protection when wearer comfort is non negotiable.

The over-mould face piece and face seal of the MSA Advantage Half Mask ensures the unit provides an excellent fit and comfort for the wearer.

The unique yoke and harness design allows a user to easily don and doff the state-of-the-art respirator while maintaining a customized fit.

Other features include a Comfor-Top headband, a built-in moisture release chin cup hole, and the extra-wide head and neck straps.

Certified to AS/NZS 1716:2012

Features of the Advantage 420 Respirator

An important characteristic of the Advantage 420 is user-friendliness. The innovative single loop head harness out shines the competition. It grants the user an intuitional operation and offers high comfort and flexibility.

The unique one-piece over-moulded silicone nose cup is soft and pleasant to wear and extremely robust.

One-Piece Harness – Eliminates pressure points on head and provides greater visibility as there are no loose straps

Adjustable Cradle – Provides perfect adaptation to different head sizes

Advantage Filters
Advantage-420 Respirator

Filters for the MSA Advantage 3100 Full Face Mask

  • P2 – Pre Filter
  • P3 – Particulate filter
  • A2 – Organic Vapours
  • A2, P3 – Organic Vapours, Particulate filter
  • K2 – Gas filter Ammonia / Methylamine
  • K2, P3 – Gas filter Ammonia / Methylamine / Particulate filter
  • A2, B2, E1, K1 – Organic Vapours / Inorganic Gases / Acid Gas / Ammonia
  • A2, B2, E1, K1, P3 – Organic Vapours / Inorganic Gases / Acid gases / Ammonium / Particulates
  • P2 – Flexfilter Particulate
  • P3 – Flexfilter Particulate
  • P3 – Flexfilter Particulate / Odour Removal

MSA Advantage 3200 Brochure & Instructions for Use

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