Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) Rental

Precision Safety provide Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) Rental for short or long duration rental periods. When renting Self Contained Breathing Apparatus from us, we provide low rental prices in Australia. SCBA Rental  saves you money and the hassle of SCBA ownership due to the the continuous care and maintenance required.

SCBA Rental from us also eliminates the need for scheduled and unscheduled Breathing Apparatus repair, as we incur all maintenance costs!

All SCBA Rental Units are supplied housed and packed inside a convenient carry case.

Your #1 Choice for SCBA Rental


We Offer Flexible SCBA Rental Options to Suit Your Requirements

Breathing Apparatus Rental Includes the following components:

  • Full Face SCBA Mask
  • Complete Breathing Apparatus Back Plate and Carry Harness
  • 6.8 L or 9 L Carbon Fibre Cylinder/s
  • SCBA Carry Case



SCBA Carry Case

SCBA Rental

Precision Safety offer Self Contained Breathing Apparatus Rental tailored to suit your requirements.

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly

Breathing Apparatus Cleaning

SCBA Rental Service

SCBA Rental

All SCBA Rental Sets are supplied and delivered serviced, cleaned and decontaminated. We use anti-bacterial wash and cleaning material recommended by the manufacturers on all parts of the Breathing Apparatus. The complete set is washed, dried and packed inside the hygienically cleaned carry cases.

The SCBA Masks are also cleaned with anti-bacterial cleaning solution and packed inside it’s own carry bag, to ensure it is ready for use when required.

SCBA Service

All SCBA Rental Sets are well maintained, tested and checked prior to dispatch. SCBA Sets are vigorously tested on our Test Bench to ensure each set performs as per the manufacturers specifications.

Upon return from rental each Breathing Apparatus Set undergoes the same thorough checks, service and cleaning and preparation for it’s next rental. This ensures that all sets are maintained to the highest standard, and if any parts are found broken or lost they are repaired straight away. 

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