Calibration Gas & Accessories


Precision Safety offers a complete range of Calibration Gas & Accessories to calibrate portable and  fixed detectors. The lot number and nominal value of the gas constituents in volume, percent by mass, PPM, or volume is specified on the cylinder.

Calibration Gases are available in single gas or multi-gas mixtures. Hazardous gas detector calibration accuracy depends greatly upon use of certified standard gas concentration. At Precision Safety we offer a wide selection of calibration gas and accessories that are manufactured and tested to the highest industry standards.

All calibration gases are supplied with individual Certificate of Analysis to NIST-traceable standard as well as a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS). Calibration accessories are designed for use with more than one instrument and supplied for various detector brands.

Calibration Gas Cylinders are available as disposable or as Refillable Calibration cylinders when large volumes are used for big fleets of the detectors.

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Calibration Gas & Accessories - Cylinder Options

Calibration Gas & Accessories
for Portable Gas Detectors

Calibration Gas & Accessories
for Fixed Gas Detectors

A bump test or full calibration of direct-reading portable gas monitors should be made before each day’s use in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions, using an appropriate test gas. Upon bump test failure, instruments must be fully calibrated prior to use.

Bump Test — Fast, Easy and Sensible

A qualitative bump test or functional instrument check uses test gas to verify that sensors and alarms function properly before use. While bump testing does not replace full calibration, this test provides a valuable measure of accuracy in helping to keep your workers safe at work

Calibration Gas Regulator Options

Calibration Gas Flow Regulators are available and suitable for all disposable type calibration gas cylinders .

Fixed Flow Calibration Regulator

Available flow rates: 0.25 L/m / 0.5 L/m / 1.0 L/m  / 1.5 L/m

Calibration Gas Regulator

Variable Flow Calibration Regulator

Available flow rates: 0 – 3 L/m / 0 – 5 L/m


Demand Flow Calibration Regulator

Opens when a vacuum is created with a flow range of 0-3 l/m

Calibration Adaptors and Calibration Tubing for Gas Detectors