Refrigerant Detection System

Refrigerant Detection System

Precision Safety Solutions is a supplier of the Chillgard 5000. It is the most selective and sensitive refrigerant detection system on the market. With the ability to read as low as 1 ppm, this monitor provides the earliest response to refrigerant leaks. Minimize unnecessary maintenance costs associated with calibration and sensors, by using a centralised sample draw system.

This system keeps users in compliance with ASHRAE 15 by offering a wide variety of horns and strobes for entry way signaling. The Chillgard 5000 is equipped with five internal relays for fault, three levels of alarm and an external horn option. The MSA Chillgard 5000 has integrated BACnet and Modbus for direct digital communication back to a centralised control system. BACnet protocol allows for non-intrusive gas concentration monitoring and alarm status. No configuration is necessary, data is automatically mapped into the database upon protocol selection.

Refrigerant gas is considered a toxic gas, and although refrigerants have low toxicity, at high concentrations they can displace oxygen. Oxygen deficiency can cause serious injury or death to workers.


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