MSA Galaxy GX2 Automated Test System

The MSA GALAXY GX2 Automated Test System provides simple and intelligent testing and calibration of ALTAIR PRO and Altair 2X Single-Gas Detectors, as well as ALTAIR 4X/R and ALTAIR 5X/R Multi-gas Detectors. Driven by the MSA Altair technology available in any portable gas detector: MSA XCell Sensors.

This easy-to-use automated test stand offers high performance as either a stand-alone unit or an integrated portable detector management system, enabling total data access and control of MSA’s ALTAIR Gas Detector fleet.

Once any ALTAIR Family Gas Detector is placed within the GALAXY GX2 System, it can be tested, calibrated and charged automatically.* Flexibility allows for up to 10 test stations, four cylinder holders and multi-unit charger within one GALAXY GX2 System detector bank.

MSA Galaxy GX2

Don’t Leave Safety to Chance!



The GALAXY GX2 Automated Test System provides simple and intelligent testing and calibration of ALTAIR PRO Single-Gas Detectors, as well as ALTAIR 4X and ALTAIR 5X Multi-gas Detectors, driven by the MSA ALTAIR technology available in any portable gas detector:

Compliance, Traceability and Simplicity without Compromising Safety!

Ease of Use – Calibrate & Test Effortlessly

  • Easy setup, simple use with touch-free testing.
  • Colour touch screen enhances user experience at the test stand.
  • Can be used with a PC or as a stand-alone system, the perfect solution for large fleet
    end users, as well as for smaller applications.
  • Automated test system and MSA Link™ Software (transfers portable gas detector records to a connected PC) provided as standard in many
    commonly spoken languages.
  • Your ALTAIR 4X and ALTAIR 5X Multigas Detectors are always ready for use.* If you’re faced with an urgent, short-notice situation, these units are ready for deployment, ideal for emergency applications.


Save Time, Save Gas & Save Money

Cost of Ownership

  • Exceeds 50% reduction in cost of ownership,
    including calibration gas expenses when
    combined with high-performance MSA XCell Sensors.
  • Faster total testing of ALTAIR Family Gas Detectors.
  • Test up to 10 gas detectors simultaneously
    in the time most competitive systems take to test one device.
  • RFID-tagged calibration gas cylinders to help
    ensure use of correct gas.

Advanced MSA Link Pro Software Analyze All Data, Any Time

MSA Link Pro Software lets you easily and proactively manage your gas detection fleet. Program offers efficient setup and configuration with dashboard alerts as to all conditions, as well as calibration gas and expiration warnings. Query data, print or save reports including gas exposures incidents; system can be set up to automatically send email exposure alerts. Generate session logs, including periodic as well as calibration and GALAXY GX2 System bank data. Program sends scheduled emails from master test stand based upon detector conditions and events. Directly input your data and filter results live.

Download the Galaxy GX2 Calibration Station Brochure

Galaxy GX2 for MSA Altair 4XR Detector

Galaxy GX2 for MSA Altair 5X Detector

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