Gas Sample Conditioning

The key factor to reliable gas detection in harsh environmental conditions is the gas detector being able to measure the gas. Fixed gas detectors measure in environments of ambient temperatures of up to 55 degrees Celsius and humidity of 97 % non-condensing.

But what happens when the ambient areas we need to detect and measure dangerous toxic gases like Hydrogen Sulfide, Methane, Chlorine, or CO2 has high temperatures, debris or high humidity. The gas detectors don’t last long and are very ineffective at detecting the hazardous gases. This is largely due to the sensors getting contaminated by the harsh environmental conditions and degrade due to the temperatures and impurities in the air.

When the environment or gas is contaminated by high concentrations of humidity, the best solution is to utilise gas sample conditioning systems. Each application is quite unique, and the gas conditioning solution is changed according to the parameters that best suit the application.

The key elements of liquid, humidity, dust and dirt are managed by a gas sample conditioning system.


Designed as a gas sampling system, they incorporate single or multiple gas detection sensor/s, suited to monitor gas and vapour atmospheres from extreme environments containing temperature, humidity, particulate and pressure challenges.

A powerful gas sample pump draws a gas sample from up to 50 metres in distance (longer if required) which is then filtered and conditioned before being passed across the gas detection sensors.

System integrity is maintained at all times using flow fail monitoring devices which provide dry contacts that activate if the sample line becomes blocked, damaged or interrupted. Built in communication systems provide information to key personnel.

The system can be designed to accommodate any number of sensors, or can be a transportable sampling system which can be used with portable hand held instruments.

For applications where a liquid sample is required at the time of high gas exposure, a second pump will be activated drawing up the liquid sample and storing it a locked compartment of the sampling system.   This provides real time liquid sample and gas measurement even when the regulatory team are a distance away.

Gas Sample System

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