Honeywell BW Solo - Single Gas Detector

The Honeywell BW Solo Single Gas detector is the next-generation of single-gas detectors that helps you reduce cost, ensure compliance and know your workers are protected. Honeywell BW Solo has everything you expect, plus additional features to make your compliance easier and more cost-effective than ever. The Honeywell Solo Single Gas Detector features reliable life span, one-button operation and small, lightweight profile.

Honeywell BW Solo is:

  • The easiest single-gas detector to service, with no need to take it apart to replace sensors, batteries and sensor filters, and that means long life and low cost.
  • Complete with an extensive selection of sensor options.
  • Count on comprehensive detection, whether you’re monitoring for common or exotic hazards.

The BW Solo is the first single-gas detector with the 1-Series sensor for CO, H2S and O2 and this allows high accuracy, lower costs and faster sensor response time for the gases you monitor most often.

  • Compatible with IntelliDoX. Save time and centralize data with automated bump testing, calibration and instrument management. Use IntelliDoX docking stations with Honeywell SafetySuite Device Configurator software.

Honeywell BW Solo Single Gas Detectors are Available in Two Different Colour Options

Dark Case

Yellow Case

BW Solo Single Gas Detector Features a Wide Range of Detectable Gases

Numerous sensors, including hydrogen (H2)

Whether you’re monitoring for common or exotic hazards in petrochemical
plants, power plants, steel manufacturing or other environments, Honeywell BW Solo has the sensor you need.

• Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) 0-200 ppm
• Carbon Monoxide (CO) 0-2000 ppm
• Carbon Dioxide (CO2) 0-50,000 ppm
• Oxygen (O2) 0-30% Vol
• Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) 0-100 ppm
• Hydrogen (H2) 0-1000 ppm
• Ammonia (NH3) 0-100 / 0-400 ppm
• Chlorine (Cl2) 0-50 ppm

• Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) 0-100 ppm
• Hydrogen cyanide (HCN) 0-100 ppm
• Ozone (O3) 0-1 ppm
• Ethylene oxide (ETO) 0-100 ppm
• Phosphine (PH3) 0-5 ppm
• Nitrogen oxide (NO) 0-250 ppm
• Chlorine dioxide (ClO2) 0-1 ppm

Delivered Across Aus & NZ Direct From Sydney, Melbourne or Perth Warehouses

Honeywell Solo Features Fast Response

The 1-Series sensor has a compact square design, with one-third the height of the industry standard. That means a lighter, slimmer detector — plus faster sensor response time, because gas diffuses into it more quickly.

5-year sensor life and 3-year warranty.

No need to worry about sensors wearing out quickly, adding cost and downtime. Instead, the 1-Series sensor lasts up to five years, depending on gas exposure, along with a three-year warranty. Reduce your cost of ownership; increase your peace of mind.

BW Solo is Easy to Use with One Hand


BW Solo - Wireless Connection

For even more time-saving convenience, plus remote visibility on alarms, choose the wireless version.

Manage the Solo from your smartphone. Pair the wireless Honeywell BW™ Solo with our Safety Communicator mobile app and detector readings are sent instantly to Honeywell’s real-time monitoring software.

Access it from any device with an internet connection, and get remote visibility on worker safety and location. You can also use the wireless Honeywell BW™ Solo to share gas data with the desktop software — no dock required.

Automated Testing - Solo

Automated testing, configuration and record keeping. Simply place the detector in the dock and it automatically transfers the test results and performs the actions you choose. You can do a bump test, change set points, enable calibration and/or bump reminders, update firmware and more.

Fleet management software transfers the alarms, peak readings and other data to your computer via Ethernet or USB. Want to bump one detector? Reconfigure another? IntelliDoX is available as a single dock or a group of up to five. Each dock in the group has its own crisp, easy-to-read LCD screen, keypad and pump
for independent operation, while sharing power and calibration gas.

BW Solo - Increased safety awareness

Monitor worker safety from anywhere.
With Honeywell’s Safety Communicator mobile app, no need to wait for a detector to be docked before seeing vital data. Instead, pair it with your smartphone, and the app instantly sends gas readings and other data to Honeywell’s real-time monitoring software. Access it from any device with an internet connection — and get remote
visibility on worker safety and location.

Alarms that are easy to see and hear When the Honeywell BW™ Solo alarms, the LEDs around the detector illuminate red for high
visibility. Additional vibrating and audible alarms ensure you’re aware of danger — even in noisy environments

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BW Solo Bump Test Procedure
BW Solo Calibration Procedure

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