Honeywell Unipoint Controller

The Honeywell Unipoint Controller is easy to  install into any plastic or metal enclosure for use in either indoor or outdoor applications. The controller can be used for fixed gas detectors for flammable, toxic or Oxygen gases.  Systems may be configured to monitor gases in a wide range of applications from car parks and boiler houses to analyser shelters or crane cabs in offshore facilities.

Two versions of Unipoint Controller is available; one for mV bridge, catalytic bead type, flammable gas detector and the other for any 2 or 3 wire 4-20mA type gas detector. Each Honeywell Unipoint Controller is easily installed onto the DIN rail via a special socket (provided) that also interconnects power to adjacent units.

With removable terminal connectors, individual Unipoint controllers can be easily changed without disturbing other devices.

Honeywell Unipoint-Controller

Features of the Honeywell Unipoint Controller

User Friendly

  • Ultra-clear backlit display
  • System status codes
  • Built-in audiovisual alarms
  • Intuitive menu system
  • Simple pushbutton operation
  • Remote accept, reset and inhibit inputs

Easy to Install

  • TS35 (‘top hat’) DIN rail mounting
  • Removable terminal connectors
  • Easy access to all terminals
  • Additional units clip together

Comprehensive Operation

  • 3 wire mV bridge, 2 and 3 wire 4-20mA inputs
  • DC operation
  • 3 x alarm relays
  • 1 x system fault relay
  • Field inhibit input (mA versions)

Flexible Operation

  • Fully user programmable scale, units and calibration
  • Relays configurable as energized, de-energized, latching or non-latching, alarm relay on/off delay
  • Compatible with a wide range of gas detectors

Honeywell Unipoint Single Point Controller

By clipping together multiple Unipoint Units you can make up a small to medium sized monitoring solutions. Each unit includes built-in  audiovisual alarms, three programmable alarm relays and a fault relay.

Gas concentration and system status is displayed on the backlit LCD and each controller is fully user programmable via an intuitive, push button operated menu system. Configuration menus can be password protectedto prevent unauthorized access. In addition
 remote inputs allow accept, reset and inhibit of alarms without the need to open the enclosure that the Unipoint Controller is mounted in.

Flexible Features - Unipoint Controller


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