Miller AirCore Front D-ring Harness

The Miller AirCore Front D-ring Harness was specially designed for the most demanding applications of professional users.

FOR USE IN CLIMBING & CONFINED SPACES  Now available with a front D-ring, the harness is perfect for ladder climbing, descent or rescue positioning tasks, improving comfort, safety and productivity on the job site.

The AirCore harness is built with strong, lightweight webbing and a front D-ring that is highly corrosion-resistant, yet not stiff or coarse.
Ergonomic Design
Its contoured design minimizes contact around a worker’s neck, lower back, and inner thighs to reduce chafing and improve comfort.



  • Open-core padding technology for softness, breathability, and moisture control
  • Up to 16% less surface area than other padding used on the market
  • The patented Miller DuraFlex® stretchable webbing maintains comfort at all times without compromising on mobility


  • Unique cam buckles on the shoulder straps ensures vertical comfort
  • Quick-connect chest buckles provide easy donning and doffing
  • 16% lighter in weight than competitive harnesses with aluminum hardware
  • 20% lighter than harnesses with steel hardware

Technical Information
Max. Working Load: 181.4 kg
Webbing Min. Tensile: 22 kN
D-Ring Min. Tensile: 22 kN
Buckle Min. Tensile: 18 kN

Patented DuraFlex Stretchable Webbing
Stretches with every movement; greater mobility and increased comfort

Custom designed for the shoulders / lumbar / legs (patent pending)

Optimal airflow / circulation
 Engineered to increase airflow through and around padding

Strategically-placed padding
Reduces heat and moisture entrapment keeping a worker drier and cooler
Contoured design minimizes contact around the neck, lower back and inner thighs reducing chafing and irritation

Materials and components selected to reduce fatigue for all-day endurance and increased productivity
(Available in steel or aluminium hardware)

Integral Label Pack
Honeywell RFID-Enabled Technology for inventory management; easy tracking, inspection and monitoring

Quick-Connect Chest Buckle
Easy donning; dual tab release mechanism

Front D-ring
Designed for use in climbing, confined space and rescue applications. Available on select models

Cam Buckle
Easy, one-hand adjustment/release allows simultaneous adjustment of shoulder straps

Mesh Back Shield
Durable, knitted mesh membrane minimizes moisture absorption and maintains optimal air circulation

Removable Belt
Uniquely designed to stay in position when disconnected, even when tools are attached; available on select models

Miller AirCore Harness COMFORT IN THE AIR

Research has found that a comfortable harness is more likely to be worn properly, increasing compliance, safety and productivity.

The most unique and innovative fall protection available, this lightweight fullbody harness is designed with breathable, open-core padding technology that provides optimal air flow, while reducing heat and moisture entrapment, keeping a worker drier and cooler.

The patented Miller DuraFlex stretchable webbing provides greater flexibility and increased comfort. The unique cam buckles on the shoulder straps make vertical webbing adjustment the easiest of any harness on the market.

A new webbing design creates an original and vibrant style for easy identification and greater visibility.

Download the Miller AirCore Harness Brochure

Download the Product Brochure direct from the Honeywell Website