Miller AirCore Harness - Comfort in the Air

The Miller AirCore Harnesses combines the latest breathable open-core padding technology with lightweight aluminium hardware and DuraFlex stretchable webbing to provide workers with the ultimate in comfort, safety and performance.. Miller AirCore Harness is the perfect solution for warm, hot, or humid environments, and for jobs that are physically demanding or require long periods of wear-time.

Harness Features

  • D-rings on the Front, Back and Side
  • Quick-Connect Buckles on Legs and Waist
  • Rear Stand-up d-ring
  • Breathable Open-core Padding on Back, Waist and Legs
  • Label Pack with Lanyard Parking Ring
  • Highly Visible DuraFlex Webbing
  • Stretchable, comfortable webbing with an easily identifiable distinctive vibrant pattern
  • Quick and Easily Adjustable Cam Buckles
  • Unique light-weight Aluminium cam buckles on the shoulder straps make adjustment of the vertical webbing quick and easy
  • Black Polyester Webbing Water repellent Duraclean webbing
  • Quick-connect Chest Buckle
  • Heavy duty 18kN Quick Connect Buckle made from light-weight aluminium

Miller AirCore Harness - A New Standard in Comfort and Safety

Comfortable Padding
Workers are kept drier and cooler with the AirCore breathable, open-core padding.

The ergonomic design reduces body contact by 20% around the neck, lower back and inner thighs – reducing chaffing and irritation, improving airflow and reducing heat and moisture entrapment.

AirCore Comfort and Safety Features

  • Breathable
  • Airflow
  • Light-weight Construction

Light-weight materials and aluminium components makes the AirCore harness significantly lighter than most harnesses in the market with aluminium hardware.

The lighter AirCore harness reduces fatigue, improves
comfort and consequently increases compliance, safety
and productivity.

Stretchable, Durable Webbing
DuraFlex webbing flexes to accommodate movement and
body contours for optimum comfort and reduced fatigue.
Its abrasion resistant properties increases durability.

Miller AirCore Harness
Miller AirCore Harness
Miller AirCore Harness

Range of Miller AirCore Harnesses

Miller AirCore Construction Harness
  • M1020218 – Small
  • M1020219 – Medium to Large
  • M1020220 – Extra Large to Extra Extra Large
Miller AirCore Riggers Harness
  • M1020221 – Small
  • M1020222 – Medium to Large
  • M1020223 – Extra Large to Extra Extra Large
Miller AirCore Tower-Worker Harness
  • M1020224 – Small
  • M1020225 – Medium to Large
  • M1020226 – Extra Large to Extra Extra Large

Delivered Across Australia & NZ Direct From Sydney, Melbourne or Perth Warehouses