MSA Cairns 660C Fire Helmet

Tough enough for structural or proximity firefighting, light enough for technical rescue and small enough for EMS and confined space applications. The MSA Cairns 660C Metro Composite Fire Helmet is available with the popular retractable Defender Visor, which can be easily raised or lowered with a gloved hand.

Key features of the MSA Cairns 660C Fire Helmet

Impact Cap

  • Impact protection
  • Thermal protection
  • High-heat resistant
  • Flame-resistant
  • Exclusive tube-lock shock-absorbing system

Shell Release System

  • Shell releases if your helmet is knocked off by a collapsing structure or hung up during fall through a roof or floor
  • Helmet shell separates from impact cap with 80+ lbs. of pressure
  • You maintain head impact and thermal protection
MSA Cairns 660C Fire Helmet​