MSA M1 SCBA (Breathing Apparatus)


3 Years of innovation, it's time for MSA's most advanced, economical, and modular SCBA

The MSA M1 SCBA (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus) is a modular system breathing apparatus that can be reconfigured or upgraded whenever needed. This can be  conveniently done in the field! What makes the M1 SCBA special is that it can be retrofitted with several different options.

The M1 Breathing Appartus is fully customizable and can be configured to meet a broad range of firefighter needs. Buy per your budget needs and upgrade later – directly in the field.

Overall, the MSA M1 SCBA breathing apparatus represents the most advanced, ergonomic and modular SCBA system on the market. This was achieved be being designed and developed side-by-side with fire-fighters. This all-new breathing apparatus platform includes several innovative and customizable features that help to enhance hygiene and at the same time also improves comfort.



MSA M1 SCBA - Key Features


  • Easy to assemble, don and train
  • Customise your fleet as per your needs
  • Upgrades can be installed in the field

Enhanced HYGIENE

  • Easy to clean and disassemble
  • Dust and water repellant harness material reduces time for mechanical cleaning  
  • Entire SCBA is machine washable (no disassembly required)


  • Backplate with innovative one-handed height adjustment
  • Unique padded S-shape harness prevents pressure points and slipping
  • Hip belt and backplate design distribute most of the weight on the hips
  • Lightest SCBA with height adjustment on the market (less than 4 kilos)


  • Increased chemical resistance due to innovative material composition
  • Enhanced safety for service technicians due to improved cleanability
  • Reduced risk of snagging hazards due to guided hoses in backplate
  • Greater visibility due to reflective harness elements  


  • All components designed for longer life (10 year warranty)
  • Reduced maintenance costs due to extended service intervals
  • Easy to upgrade and service without tools

State-of-the-art COMMUNICATION

  • Lightweight C1 headset easily attaches to the outside of the G1 mask
  • Microphone design protects against surrounding sound
  • Easy to attach/detach and share

M1 SCBA - Rugged, Reliable and Configurable

SCBA Service

The M1 is MSA’s most advanced, ergonomic and modular Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) system – designed and developed side-by-side with firefighters.

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