Oxygen Self Rescuers

Oxygen Self Rescuers is a chemical oxygen apparatus that provides Oxygen on demand during gas outbursts, fires, after explosions, and emergency escape situations. Self Rescuers are designed to be belt or chest worn, and the larger units are usually stored in a rescue chamber for longer duration of breathing air.

Oxygen Self rescuers provide Oxygen on demand for a set period of time by generating Oxygen from a chemical known as KO2. Self Rescuer Units have a closed breathing circuit and the exhaled air of the wearer is regenerated and enriched with Oxygen. CO2 and humidity of exhaled air will react with the KO2 and in this way Oxygen is generated and CO2 is removed. The self rescuer units from MSA, Drager and Honeywell last around 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the product.

SSR-30-100 Self Rescuer

MSA SSR 30/100 Self Rescuer

This small, robust KO2 respiratory device delivers safe and immediate oxygen on demand for escape or rescue. Packed airtight in a stainless steel container, this lightweight device is designed to be worn on a belt for easy opening and use. Dons in seconds.


MSA Savox Self Rescuer

This chest-worn protective escape device provides oxygen on demand wherever toxic gases, particles or oxygen deficiency can be imminently present. Ready-to-use, it’s small in size and low in weight, making it easy to don, use and carry. Features a double heat-exchanger system to reduce inhalation air temperature.

MSA SSR90 Self Rescuer

This chemical oxygen apparatus provides oxygen on demand during gas outbursts, fires and after explosions. Designed especially for self-rescue, the unit is housed in a robust stainless steel case and can be carried along or kept on site. Provides 60 minutes of rescue oxygen and up to 5 hours while awaiting rescue.

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