Senscient ELDS Open Path Gas Detector


Senscient ELDS Open Path Gas detector (Enhanced Laser Diode Spectroscopy) product range builds upon the proven benefits of laser based gas sensing, taking this sensing principle to the next level.

Patented technologies such as the Harmonic Fingerprint and SimuGas provide the highest levels of gas specificity, false alarm rejection and safety integrity in the most challenging operating conditions.

Technology Yields Return On Investment

HARMONIC Fingerprint

Only multiple harmonic detection reduces costly nuisance false alarms that plague other open path detectors.

SIMUGAS Daily Self Testing

The only open path detector that can check and record functional tests, automatically.

Real target gas sample ensures laser is locked on target wavelength.

ZERO Maintenance
Increased uptime availability and lower OPEX costs.

Wider Coverage Area For TOXICS

Improved leak detection coverage with less capital expense.


Bluetooth® wireless technology for faster commissioning and troubleshooting while keeping workers out of harms way.

Lasers focus on Gas, Not Weather

Senscient ELDS™ is immune to the cross-interferents that plague electrochemical sensors, thanks to target gas specific Harmonic Fingerprint detection.

Finds GAS, Not FAULTS.
Even Through The FOG.

Detectable gases include: Methane (CH4) , Ethylene (C2H4) , Ammonia (NH3), Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S), Hydrogen Chloride (HCl), Hydrogen Fluoride (HF) and Multihydrocarbons (MHC).

Your most difficult toxic gas detection problems.... Solved

Senscient ELDS Toxic Gases
Senscient ELDS Toxic Gases
Senscient Harmonic Fingerprint

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