MSA SSR 90 Self Rescuer

The oxygen self-rescuer SSR 90 is a respiratory protective device for self-rescue which functions independently of the ambient atmosphere. It protects the wearer during gas outbursts, fires and after explosions against toxic gases and oxygen deficiency while escaping or waiting for rescue.
The known and worldwide proven principle of generating Oxygen from a chemical assures that in an emergency there is immediately enough oxygen available for self-rescue.
The SSR 90 is housed in an stainless steel case and can be carried along or kept at the work site. Rescue teams can carry additional apparatus in order to quickly provide breathable air to the persons being rescued. According EN 13794 and German Mining Approval the service time at 35 l/min is 60 minutes (class K 60).
The service time at medium work load (e. g. escape) is approx. 90 minutes and at low ventilation rates (example waiting for rescue) approx. 5 hours.
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The SSR 90 is a chemical oxygen apparatus. It supplies the wearer with oxygen which is generated from a chemical (KO2). In a closed circuit the exhalation air of the user is regenerated and enriched with oxygen.

The carbon dioxide and humidity of the exhalation air react with the chemical, whereby carbon dioxide is removed and oxygen is generated.

The oxygen is always generated according to the demand of the wearer. For instance, at heavy workloads and intensive breathing more oxygen is generated than at low ventilation rates as for example when waiting for rescue.

The SSR 90 is packed air-tight in a solid stainless steel container and sealed by the factory. In an emergency it can be donned and put into operation very quickly. The SSR 90 requires low maintenance and after use it can be reconditioned. Donning and breathing can be practised with the training apparatus SSR 90 TR.

Height 310 mm Width 220 mm Depth 120 mm

Weight: Apparatus with container 4.9 kg
Apparatus in use 3.4 kg

Service time: At a minute volume of
35 l/min : at least 60 min
30 l/min : approx. 90 min
10 l/min : approx. 300 min

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