Workman Energy-Absorbing Lanyard

When free-fall distance can exceed two feet, use a lightweight, low-profile Workman® Energy-Absorbing Lanyard. The energy absorber not only limits force on the body in a fall, but also on the anchor location. The shock absorber includes a clear, durable protective cover over the labels to increase service life and allow for easy inspection.

  • Tear-tape design to keep average fall arrest forces below 900 lbs/6kN.
  • Choice of single- or twin-leg configurations
  • Choice of adjustable or tie-back configurations
  • Workman Stainless Steel Lanyards component hardware are made of stainless steel and will increase the product life cycle when working in corrosive environments such as mining, food processing, water treatment and oil, gas, and petrochemical

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Workman Energy-Absorbing Lanyard
Workman® Energy-Absorbing Lanyard

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