S CAP Escape Hood

This highly visible, one-size-fits-all yellow hood offers protection against smoke and gas from fires, especially carbon monoxide. The easy-to-use unit dons quickly and features a nose cup for a wide variety of head and face sizes, while the cotton neck seal ensures a tight fit. The high-performance filter offers thorough protection, while the wide lens provides an increased field of vision and the low breathing resistance reduces claustrophobia.



The S-CAP smoke hood  features a clearly visible bright yellow hood fitted with a wide lens allowing a large field of vision.

Inside the hood, a nose cup gives a perfect adaptation to a wide variety of head and face sizes and is directly connected to a multi purpose filter with a broad protection range, including carbon monoxide.

For better respiratory comfort, the hood is also equipped with an exhalation valve. The adjustable head harness located on the outside of the hood is directly attached to the nose cup.

Once tightened, the hood fits the head closely. The hood material, as well as the harness and the lens, are resistant against heat and short flame contact.


The S CAP Emergency Escape Hood is supplied in three different storage options

Cardboard Box


Yellow Pouch


Luminescent Wall Box


Protection range: The filter fitted on the S-CAP smoke hood protects against numerous contaminants.

It removes toxic and eye-irritating fire smoke and gases from the inhaled air.

These include carbon monoxide, acrolein,  hydrogen chloride, hydrogen cyanide, sulphur dioxide and particles of harmful substances (P2).

Like any filtering device, the S-CAP should only be used in areas where there is an adequate level of oxygen, as required by local regulations.

Technical Data

Material Hood: Coated PVC
Neck Seal: Cotton
Lens: PET
Inner mask: NR natural rubber, grey
Filter: Multi Purpose Filter
(CO, gases from fire & particles P2)
Weight approx. 630 g (ready for use)
Size: one universal size
Service time: min. 15 minutes (rated service time)


Technical Data

Breathing resistance
Inhalation resistance: approx. 1.2 mbar
Exhalation resistance: approx. 0.5 mbar
Storage life: Factory sealed in foil bag under proper storage conditions.
Maintenance-free for 4 years.

Thereafter, testing is required. Max. shelf life: 10 years (4 + 4 + 2 years).

Life for S-CAP stored on vehicles: max. 8 years

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