Portable Single Gas Detectors

Single Gas Detectors

Portable Single Gas Detectors are worn by the person either working in the area where gas leaks may occur, and for personal safety. These Detectors will warn the user by audible, visual and vibrating alarm of a gas hazard. Portable – Single Gas Detectors are supplied as diffusion detectors measuring the ambient air for gas and vapours.

Confined Space Detectors are supplied as Multi-Gas Detectors and equipped with internal sampling pumps to measure confined spaces prior to entry.

Precision Safety Solutions (PSS) offer a wide range of Portable – Single Gas Detectors supplied direct from our warehouses across Australia direct to you. Most detectors now come with the option of Wi Fi or Bluetooth, and you can connect  your gas detector to a grid of multiple detectors, and be warned when a worker is overcome by gas in the plant or work area.


  • User-friendly operation
  • Easy-to-read display for multiple languages
  • Lightweight convenience
  • Available with Auto Bump / Calibration Stations

Portable Single Gas Detectors

Our range of single gas detectors have been designed to be extremely user friendly and robust. They detect a variety of gases that include toxic and VOC gases as well as Oxygen Deficient and Enriched atmospheres. Single gas detectors are ideal for a large workforce that moves around a lot, or a small workforce where you need to protect yourself from specific gases. These detectors are equipped with a single target gas sensor, and usually supplied with replaceable batteries to reduce the cost of ownership of the detectors.

Portable Gas Detector Detectable Gases:

CO / H2S / CO2 / PH3 / NH3 / CL2 / CLO2 / H2 / O2 / SO2 / HCN / O3 / ETO / NO / NO2 / VOC’s

Detector Options


Honeywell BW Solo Detector

Honeywell BW Solo is a easy to service single-gas detector with BLE connectivity that provides real-time visibility into the status and safety of hazardous-area workers. Features the widest range of Toxic gases on the market. Detectable Gases:


Honeywell BW Clip Gas Detector

The Honeywell BW Clip Series of single-gas detectors provides up to three years maintenance-free operation: just turn on the device and it runs continuously — no need for sensor and battery replacement or battery charging. That means great reliability and no downtime.


Honeywell BW Clip Extreme

With easy on/off operation, this single gas detector offers extended longevity with a two year field-replaceable battery and sensor. A wide range of user options, multi-language display and datalogging functionality make the GasAlert Extreme an ideal solution for many applications.​


MSA Altair

Sensor options for Carbon Monoxide, Hydrogen Sulfide, and Oxygen. Detectors include LED, audible and vibrating alarms. Superior dust/water protection and one-button operation. Battery runs for 24 months, and the unit is then replaced.

MSA Altair Pro Detector

The Altair Pro Single Gas Detector for the detection of Hydrogen Cyanide, Chlorine Dioxide, Phophine and Oxygen. Based on the industry-standard ALTAIR Single-Gas Detector—but with added features and functionality

Altair 2X

MSA Altair 2X Portable Gas Detector

The MSA Altair 2X Single Gas or Dual Gas Detector. Detection of Chlorine, Carbon Monoxide, Hydrogen Sulfide, Ammonia, Nitrogen Dioxide and Sulphur Dioxide gases. Compact detector, that's easy to use, and extremely rugged.

Calibration, Service & Calibration Gas

Precision Safety is an authorised service and repair centre, capable of performing warranty and service repairs on all Portable Gas Detection Instruments. We have highly experienced and qualified service technicians that are well trained and authorised to perform service work on behalf of the Original Equipment Manufacturers.

MSA Galaxy GX2

MSA Galaxy GX2 Automated Test System

The MSA GALAXY GX2 Automated Test System provides simple and intelligent testing and calibration of MS Portable Gas Detection Instruments. This easy-to-use automated test stand offers high performance as either a stand-alone unit or an integrated portable detector management system, enabling total data access and control of MSA’s ALTAIR Gas Detector fleet.


Calibration, Service & Repair

Precision Safety Solutions specialise in technical safety products, and provide calibration and service of your Portable Gas Detectors. We replace the sensors, stock calibration gas and can also train your staff in the correct use of the detectors. We'll ensure your gas detectors are repaired according to the manufacturers specifications.

Calibration Gas

Calibration Gas & Regulators

PSS offer a complete range of calibration gas cylinders and regulators to calibrate your portable and fixed gas detection instruments. The gas mixture in calibration gas cylinders is certified and prepared gravimetrically, using NIST traceable weights. The lot number and nominal value of the gas constituents in volume, percent by mass, PPM, or volume is specified on the cylinder.

We pride ourselves in delivering excellent calibration and after sales technical support. We provide training in the use of the detectors and perform on-site calibration of your detectors, to ensure they are in good working condition at all times.

Sensor Technology

Portable Gas Detector Sensors

Portable Gas Detector Choices

  • Single Gas Detectors
  • Multi-Gas Detectors
  • Confined Space Detectors
  • PID Detectors for VOC’s
  • Automatic Calibration Stations
  • Calibration Gas & Accessories

Choice of Single or Multi-Gas Detectors

Automatic Bump & Calibration Systems

Automated Bump Test and Calibration Systems provide simple and intelligent testing and calibration of ALTAIR PRO and Altair 2X Single-Gas Detectors, as well as ALTAIR 4X/R and ALTAIR 5X/R Multi-gas Detectors.

Driven by the MSA Altair technology available in any portable gas detector: MSA XCell Sensors.


Delivered Across Australia & NZ Direct From Sydney, Melbourne or Perth Warehouses

Wide Range of Calibration Gas & Accessories for Your Portable Gas Detectors

Single gas or multi-gas calibration gas cylinders supplied in various sizes depending on the number of gas detectors you have on site. Read more