Flame Detectors

Flame Detectors are one of the speciality products for Precision Safety and we offer a range of technology leading Detectors. The range includes UV (Ultra-Violet), UV/IR (Ultra Violet & Infra-Red Combined) or Triple IR Flame Detectors depending on your application.

Precision Safety offer flame detection solutions with fast response times, the best coverage, the highest level of false alarm immunity and the performance approvals you need for your application. Before you decide on a solution you need to know which detector technology is best suited for your application. Apart from traditional hydrocarbon flames, we also offer detectors for special fire types eg. hydrogen.

Wherever toxic or combustible gases are part of an industrial process or a by-product of it, they pose a threat to people, property and productivity. Precision Safety offers a complete line of rugged, reliable, Technical Solutions to serve as your first line of early detection of flames.

Detect that ignition and enable that life and property saving response

Light Industrial & Commercial Range

Honeywell FSL100 range of Light Industrial/Commercial Flame Detectors enable simple coverage of fire hazard areas across many fire hazard applications. The range consists of UV, UV/IR and Triple IR flame detectors. All utilize sophisticated sensing and signal analysis to detect fires quickly while also rejecting false alarms.

The FSL100 is small and lightweight for easy installation, and is designed to work in tough indoor/outdoor environments, as well as potentially explosive atmospheres. With a large field of view it can detect a range of different types of fire including hydrocarbon and non-hydrocarbon sources.

Available in UV Flame Detectors, UV/IR Flame Detectors and Triple IR Flame Detectors we have your application covered.

FSL100 UV Flame Detector

Suitable for indoor applications; for example fume hoods and hydrogen storage areas. Effective solution for materials burning with low temperatures, e.g. Sulphur. Alarms to fires from heavy hydrocarbons (wood, paper, petroleum, etc.), light hydrocarbons (methanol, methane, etc.), and hydrogen.


FSL100 UV/IR Flame Detector

Analysis of the flame flicker-frequency for improved false alarm rejection. Dual sensing methodology enables a wide range of hydrocarbon and non-hydrocarbon fires to be effectively detected. Good resistance against the influences of: Direct and reflected sunlight. Artificial light, such as fluorescent tubes and glass covered halogen lamps. Arcs and electric discharges static or from e.g. electric motors)

FSL100 Triple IR Flame Detector

Analysis of the flame flicker frequency for improved false alarm rejection. Particularly suited to liquid hydrocarbon and dirty fires. Affected less by window contamination or smoky fires. Especially suitable fires that emit large amounts of smoke. Optical detection of radiant energy in a solid angle Field of View enables coverage of a large risk area. Simple optional mounting bracket allows the FSL100 to be installed and aligned covering the hazard.

Industrial & High End Detectors

Honeywell FS20X-Flame-Detector

Honeywell FS20X Flame Detector

The FS20X is a Multi-Spectrum and UV/Dual IR/VIS Flame Detector with a proven UV solar-blind sensor. The FS20X exhibits faster false-alarm free response to fires over a wider temperature range and with a much longer detection range compared to conventional UV/IR detectors.


Honeywell FS24X Flame Detector

The Honeywell FS24X is the latest generation high technology Multi-Spectrum Triple IR (IR/IR/IR/Visible) Flame Detector. Using patented WideBand IR, WideBand 4.3 micron IR, and Visible detection technology, the FS24X is a quantum leap in flame detection. Sophisticated software algorithms and dual microprocessors ensure that the FS24X has the highest fire detection performance combined with optimal false alarm rejection.


Honeywell SS4 Flame Detector

The SS4-A represents the world’s pre-eminent UV/IR technology for Electro-Optical Flame Detectors with tens of thousands successfully operating in a multitude of installations worldwide. This multi-spectrum detector senses radiant energy in the ultraviolet (UV), visible and Wide Band Infrared™ (IR) spectrum. The radiant energy from all types of flaming fires will alert the detector to their presence.

FL500 UV/IR H2 Flame Detector

The FL500 UV/IR Hydrogen Flame Detector monitors for radiation emitted by a flame in both the ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) spectral ranges. This Hydrogen Flame Detector provides a fast response time and increased false alarm immunity against sources of radiation for reliable protection.


FL500 UV/IR Flame Detector

The FL500 UV/IR Flame Detector monitors for radiation emitted by a flame in both the ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) spectral ranges. This UV/IR combination provides a fast response time and increased false alarm immunity against sources of radiation for reliable protection.


FL4000H MSIR Flame Detector

The FL4000H is a multi-spectrum infrared (MSIR) flame detector that provides superior false alarm immunity with the widest field of view. The FL4000H employs a multi-spectral optical IR sensing array with a sophisticated Neural Network Technology (NNT) system to reliably discriminate between actual flames and the vast majority of false alarm sources.

Flame Detector Test Lamps

Test Detectors Anytime, Anywhere with a Test Lamp

Safely test your flame detector to ensure proper function and operation of your complete detection system. The FL500 and FL4000H can be tested with the explosion proof TL105 Test Lamp, which simulates the flickering of a fire and provides a high-energy,  broadband radiation source that emits energy in both the ultraviolet and infrared spectra to safely activate our flame detectors. This allows the detector to be tested under real fire conditions without the associated risk of an open flame.

MSA TL105 Test Lamp

The TL105 is a battery operated test lamp designed specifically to test MSA /GM Flame Detectors. The TL105 is an explosion-proof test lamp that can be used with the FL500 UV/IR, FL4000H MSIR flame detector as well as any of the FL3100 Series Flame Detectors. The TL105 operates up to 10 meters from the flame detector.

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