Harness Tagging

Harness & Safety Equipment Inspections

Precision Safety conduct Harness Tagging as well as other safety equipment inspections in accordance with AS/NZ 1891.4:2009.

All equipment which are in regular are subjected to periodic inspection and where applicable, servicing, at the manufacturer’s recommendations.  Where no interval is given, the schedule below shall apply as shown in AS/NZ 1891.4.  These inspections will be carried out by a height safety equipment inspector.

Equipment used under harsh conditions e.g. in wet, dusty, abrasive or corrosive environments, shall be inspected more frequently, generally at twice the frequency specified. (ie. mining industry).

Precision Safety Safety inspect and tag:

  • Safety harnesses
  • lanyards – adjustable, static & shock absorbing
  • rope grabs
  • slings
  • pole straps
  • individual shock absorbers
  • roof workers kits

During the inspection we tag your equipment and create a safety register which we provide to you in soft or hard copy. Any equipment found to fail test, are quarantined and tagged out of service.

We carry out inspection within 24 hours turn around.