MSA Mini SCAPE Respirator

The MSA Mini SCAPE Respirator provides minutes of safety when seconds count. The portable respirator uses the new-generation Tab Tec filter, fits in a user’s pocket and protects against numerous gases and vapours.

Small and handy, the MSA Mini SCAPE Respirator fits into the pocket of an overall or any work clothing. It can also be belt carried, with the very practical integrated belt clip.

In case of emergency, the Mini SCAPE Respirator can be donned very quickly and is immediately operational. miniSCAPE does not even hamper people wearing goggles or glasses, since it is a mouthpiece device without a head harness.

It is housed in a rugged, translucent carrying case, to protect it against shocks and ageing, and is an ideal escape respirator for multi-user sites.


Features of the MSA Mini SCAPE

In case of sudden and unexpected releases of toxic gases or vapours at the work place, personnel can quickly and safely leave the danger area with the MSA miniSCAPE.

The hygienic and convenient plastic case allows easy distribution to different persons, for example, visitors or workers. It can also be carried where workers may face permanent risk.


  • Laboratories and plants, where toxic gases or vapours
    are handled
  • Areas where toxic gases and liquids are stored
  • Transport of toxic gases and liquids
  • Areas in plants where toxic gases or vapours could leak
  • At high-pressure valves, gas pipes, taps and stop valves,
    compressors, refrigeration equipment, etc.


MiniSCAPE - Open View


MSA Mini SCAPE Technical Data

Technical Data for the Mini Scape Respirator
Face piece Mouthpiece integrated on filter housing and nose clip

Service time: Minimum 5 min (depending on conditions)
Use: One-time use 5 minutes escape device
Flow resistance: Below 2.5 mbar at 30 l/min
Storage life: Factory sealed 4 years

Dimensions (with casing)
Height approx. 112 mm
Width approx. 185 mm
Depth approx. 165 mm (incl. belt clip)
Weight 190 g (ready for use, in plastic housing)
130 g (in use, without plastic housing)

Approval ABEK-5 according to DIN 58647-T7
Warranty: 2 years


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