MSA’s V-EDGE SRL is designed to be used for horizontal, overhead, and leading edge applications, taking the guesswork out of equipment selection. Retraction-dampening feature controls rate of lifeline speed, preventing unwanted damage to the unit, and maximising product longevity.

The V-EDGE SRLs are intended to be used where user mobility is required and fall protection is needed (inspection work, general construction & maintenance work etc.) and where there is a residual risk of falling over an edge. The V-EDGE SRL may also be used for fall restraint and horizontal applications.

Available in 6, 10 & 15 m Length

V-EDGE Leading-Edge SRLs

Simplify Selection – Use in a variety of applications, from overhead to horizontal tie off points, and where exposed edges are a concern.

Lower Cost of Ownership – Integrated roll cage protects housing when used in foot-level tie off. Retraction dampening feature controls the life line speed preventing unwanted damage and maximizing product life.


MSA V-EDGE SRL Technical Specifications


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