MSA V-TEC Self-Retracting Lifeline

With premium stainless steel components and innovative engineering, the MSA V-TEC Self Retracting Lifeline incorporates a precision-made spring radial energy absorber that requires zero calibration or adjustment. The retraction dampening feature controls cable retraction speeds preventing pre-mature and accidental load indicator deployment.


  • Completely field-serviceable with minimal components
  • Spring radial energy absorbing technology requires zero calibration or adjustment
  • Retraction dampening features controls the cable speed to <3m/s
  • 20ft.(6m) length
  • High-impact, clear polycarbonate housing simplifies pre-use inspection
  • Fully rotating attachment point for complete user mobility
  • Stainless steel cable and components
  • 400lbs. worker capacity



The V-TEC Cable SRLs are intented to form a complete connecting element between the body support element and the anchor.

Retraction spring
Drum module PC-ABS (Polycarbonate / ABS blend) with aluminium
threaded plate
Cable lifeline Galvanised or stainless steel
Locking mechanism Stainless steel & Manganese bronze core
Snap hook Forged zinc-plated steel / stainless steel with load indicator

Hardened stainless steel
Stainless steel
Stainless steel
Stainless steel spring

With premium components and innovative engineering, the V-TEC Standard SRL offers controlled cable retraction—preventing excessive lifeline retraction speed and protecting internal parts from damage.

  • The internal energy absorber ensures the forces passed to the user and anchorage are reduced to
    below 6 kN
  • All internal components are manufactured from materials with inherently high corrosion resistant
  • Retraction dampening device restricting ultimate lifeline retraction velocity if released whilst extracted
  • The toughened case is designed to resist impact damage and protect internal components