Prima XP Detectors

Precision Safety is a supplier of a wide range of Fixed Gas Detection or Permanent Installed Detectors in Australia and New Zealand. We supply stand-alone detectors and monitors as well as gas detection controllers integrated into plant PLC and control systems.

Designed to detect gases indoors or outdoors, the PrimaX P Gas Detector measures oxygen, toxic or combustible gases. The (EXd) flameproof detector is housed in a powder-coated aluminium enclosure that will protect it in extremely dangerous conditions.

The unit also features a large, easy-to-read LCD screen and three LED status indicators for up-to-the-second reporting. The detector attaches to an integral mounting plate for easy installation, and it can be easily calibrated using the built-in keypad.

It uses a 4-20 mA output signal to transmit the gas concentrations and readings, and it can also be configured to use HART digital communication. With easily replaced plug-in sensors, the PrimaX P gas detector is suitable for laboratories, chemical plants, power plants and several other industry environments. The detector is IEC Ex certified, for use in hazardous zoned environments.

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MSA Prima-XP-Detector
Prima-XP Detector

Reliable & Ease of Use!

The MSA PrimaX Fixed Gas Detector offers proven quality and reliability and is available in explosion-proof as well as intrinsically-safe versions. Innovative enclosure design, ease of use, fast installation, and suitability for both indoor and outdoor installations make the PrimaX Gas Monitor your choice for versatile gas detection.

Detectable Gases


  • Simplicity
    Easy to use Large display with clear, plain text provides information at a glance
  • Additional LED Indicators
    Provide clear status notification
  • Easy calibration
    Calibration via convenient, built-in keypad
  • Adaptability
    Communication interfaces4-20mA output signal and 2-relay option
  • Optional HART
    Digital communication provides configuration, calibration, and diagnostics
  • Plug-in replacement sensors
    Plug-in connector for easy and rapid sensor replacement, simplifying routine maintenance
  • Accessories
    A wide range of accessories is offered to suit various industrial applications, including flow cap, duct-mount kit, and pipe-mount kit
  • Economics
    PrimaX Gas Monitor features and specifications together offer great value

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