RP-3R Sample Draw Pump

The RP-3R Sample Draw Pump is a compact, battery operated, motorised sample draw pump that attaches to either the Riken GX-3R or the Riken GX-3R Pro to change the functionality from a diffusion operation to a sample draw operation for use as a confined space entry monitor.

The model RP-3R Sample Draw Pump and the GX-3R or GX-3R Pro gas monitor offers a complete solution for confined space entry.

The RP-3RSample Draw Pump is housed in a rugged plastic case with a quick disconnect fitting for hose attachment. It is provided with a 4″ tapered red rubber nozzle. A hose and probe are available as optional accessories. The probe is equipped with an internal dust filter and clear body for easy viewing. The RP-3R uses one AA battery and will operate for up to 10 hours in normal mode (higher flow mode) with an optional ECO mode (lower-flow mode) that can last up to 16 hours. The pump quickly and firmly snaps onto the GX-3R or GX-3R Pro gas monitor and is easily removed when sampling is complete. No tools are required.

A push button POWER switch is used to activate the RP-3R, and the POWER LED illuminates when the RP-3R is on. If a low flow condition occurs, the FLOW LED flashes and an audible alarm will sound.

The POWER LED flashes if low battery occurs.

  • Attaches to the GX-3R or GX-3R Pro in seconds
  • Compact and lightweight
  • 10 hours of operation in normal mode (higher flow mode)
  • 16 hours of operation in lower-flow mode (ECO mode)
  • Audible and visual alarms for low flow and low battery conditions
  • Pilot light to confirm operation
  • Quick disconnect fitting for hose connection
  • Hoses available up to 100′ length
  • Includes 4″ tapered red rubber nozzle, AA alkaline battery, and hydrophobic filters
  • Rugged and proven RKI reliability
  • Two options available (RP-3R or RP-3R Pro)
Pump Specifications
Flow RateHigher flow mode: 0.5 l/m


Lower flow mode (ECO mode): 0.35 l/m

Alarm DisplayLow flow alarm: Flow blinks YELLOW


Low battery alarm: Power LED blinks GREEN

Power Supply1 AA alkaline battery
Continuous OperationHigher flow mode: 10 hours


Lower flow mode (ECO mode): 16 hours

Operating temperature-4° F to + 122° F (no sudden change)
Operating humidity range95% RH or less (without condensation)
External Dimensions3.23″ (W) x 3.78″ (H) x 1.14″ (D) (body only)
Weight4.58 oz
Explosion ProofIntrinsically safe construction
Standard Accessories4″ tapered red rubber nozzle, AA alkaline battery,
& hydrophobic filters
Optional Accessories10′ – 100′ hose, 10″ probe with dust filter