FL4000H MSIR Flame Detector

Precision Safety is a supplier of a wide range of Fixed Gas Detection or Permanent Installed Detectors in Australia and New Zealand. We supply stand-alone detectors and monitors as well as gas detection controllers integrated into plant PLC and control systems.

Multi Spectral Infra-Red

  • Multi-Spectrum IR (MSIR) Sensor Array provides increased range and wide field of view Neural Network Technology (NNT) offers superior false alarm immunity
  • Continuous Optical Path Monitoring (COPM) checks optical path integrity and detector’s electronic circuitry
  • Multiple communication outputs offer versatility for use in many applications
  • Event logging for stand-alone diagnostic tool
  • Test mode (with test lamp) is used to check all outputs


Every two minutes, a built in self-check known as Continuous Optical Path Monitoring (COPM) performs an optical and electrical check to ensure the optical path is clear and the electronic circuitry is operational.

Fast Response to AVOID FIRES

Flame Detector

Until now, plant engineers facing chronic false alarm problems
have had to choose between accepting the costs of false alarms,
changing the process or installing complex redundant flame
detection systems at a high cost and with high maintenance
requirements. The FL4000H with its highly intelligent MSIR/NNT
sensor addresses the shortcomings of today’s typical flame
detectors and is ideal for a wide range of applications and industries

FL4000H Flame Detector


The FL400H MSIR detector is designed to detect fires while maintaining false alarm immunity.

The FL4000H’s breakthrough NNT signal processing model offers
a distinct advantage. Its ability to adapt to customer application
conditions is almost limitless, resulting in highly reliable flame
protection with superior false-alarm immunity.

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Safely test your flame detector to ensure proper function and operation of your complete detection system. The FL500 and FL4000H can be tested with the explosion proof TL105 Test Lamp, which simulates the flickering of a fire and provides a high-energy,  broadband radiation source that emits energy in both the ultraviolet and infrared spectra to safely activate our flame detectors. This allows the detector to be tested under real fire conditions without the associated risk of an open flame.


Delivered Across Australia & NZ Direct From Sydney, Melbourne or Perth Warehouses

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FL500 UV/IR Flame Detector

The FL500 UV/IR Flame Detector monitors for radiation emitted by a flame in both the ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) spectral ranges. This UV/IR combination provides a fast response time and increased false alarm immunity against sources of radiation for reliable protection.

TL105 Test Lamp

The TL105 is a battery operated test lamp designed specifically to test General Monitors Flame Detectors. The TL105 is an explosion-proof test lamp that can be used with the FL500 UV/IR, FL4000H MSIR flame detector as well as any of the FL3100 Series Flame Detectors. The TL105 operates up to 10 meters from the flame detector.

Flame Detection

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