MSA Altair 2X Portable Gas Detectors

The MSA Altair 2X Portable Gas Detectors are the first single gas detectors to incorporates industry-leading Xcell Sensor technology, and this ensures that your detector requires less sensor replacement. This technology delivers unparalleled performance while drastically minimizing total cost of ownership. As a result of the quick sensor response, Increases durability and delivering enhanced worker safety, compliance and traceability.

The MSA Altair 2X Portable Gas Detectors are also the first portable gas detectors to introduce revolutionary Xcell pulse technology. Based on proven science and advanced patented sensor capabilities,the Altair 2Xp detector delivers the world’s first stand-alone bump test. This allows a daily bump test to be performed without the need for calibration accessories or specific calibration gas.

It’s what’s inside that counts!

altair_2x_Gas Detectors

Features of the Altair Single Gas Detector

  • Fastest sensor response times, lowest calibration gas flow rate on the market
  • > 4-year expected sensor life
  • 3-year warranty on instrument & most sensors (2 years on Cl2, NH3)
  • Stand-alone bump tests reduce maintenance, increase productivity (ALTAIR 2XP only)
  • 1 device can monitor 2 gases (ALTAIR 2XT only)

Features of the Altair 2X Gas Detectors

  • Records 75 alarm events
  • 150+ hours of periodic data (ALTAIR 2X and 2XP)
  • 100+ hours of periodic data (ALTAIR 2XT)
  • Compatible with MSA GALAXY  GX2 Automated Test System and MSA Link Pro software

Low cost of ownership

Altair Single Gas Toxic Gas Detectors

Increased safety awareness & real-time compliance

  • Stand-alone bump test anytime, anywhere without specific calibration gas (ALTAIR 2XP only)
  • Bump pass: green LED flash every 15s, large on-screen check mark
  • Bump fail or expiration: red LED flash every 15s, no check mark
  • End-of-sensor-life warning and alarm

Altair 2X Portable Gas Detectors are Available in Two Different Colour Options

Charcoal Case

Glow In The Dark Case

MSA Altair 2X Single Gas Detectors
MSA Altair 2X Dual Gas Detectors

The MSA Altair 2X Single Gas detectors are available to detect the following gases:

  • Ammonia Single Gas Detector
  • Carbon Monoxide Single Gas Detector
  • Sulphur Dioxide Single Gas Detector
  • Hydrogen Sulfide Single Gas Detector
  • Nitrogen Dioxide Single Gas Detector
  • Chlorine Single Gas Detector

The MSA Altair 2X Portable Gas Detectors are also available as Dual Gas Detectors following gases:

  • Carbon Monoxide & Hydrogen Sulphide Dual Gas Detector
  • Sulphur Dioxide & Hydrogen Sulphide Dual Gas Detector
  • Carbon Monoxide & Nitrogen Dioxide Dual Gas Detector

Don’t Leave Safety to Chance!

  • Tough over-molded rubber armor
  • Survives multiple 25-ft drops onto concrete
  • Agency-certified dust- and water-tight IP67 construction
  • Intrinsically-safe design​
MSA Altair 2X Single Gas Detector Brochure

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Compliance, Traceability and Simplicity without Compromising Safety!

The MSA Galaxy GX2 provides automated calibration of MSA ALTAIR Gas Detector fleet.

Simplicity counts with the MSA GALAXY GX2 Automated Test System for advanced safety management and effortless operation. The GALAXY GX2 Automated Test System provides simple, intelligent testing and calibration of the MSA ALTAIR 2X Single Gas and Dual Gas Detectors.

Easy-to-use automated test stand offers high performance as either stand-alone unit or integrated portable detector management system, enabling total data access and control of the MSA ALTAIR family Gas Detector fleet. Read More


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