Open Path Gas Detector


Why open path gas detection?

Open path detectors complement the use of individual point detectors and offer many significant benefits including:

•  Wider area coverage – most likely to pick up any leak
•  Very high speed of response
•  NO unrevealed failure modes – no possibility of blocked gas path to detector
•  Detector location is not as critical
•  Indicates size of hazard

gases do not always behave consistently

Open Path Detectors operates similarly to point infrared detectors, except that the
Infra-Red source is separated from the detector

Open Path Infra-Red Open Path

Open-path Infra-Red monitors expand the concepts of point IR detection to a gas path of up to 150 meters. Like point Infra-Red monitors, they utilise a dual beam concept.

The “sample” beam is in the infrared wavelength which absorbs hydrocarbons, while the second “reference” beam is outside this gas absorbing wavelength.

The ratio of the two beams is continuously compared. When no gas is present, the signal ratio is constant. When a gas cloud crosses the beam, the sample signal is absorbed or reduced in proportion to the amount of gas present while the reference beam is not. System calculates the product of the average gas concentration and the gas cloud width, and readings are given in % LeL / meter.

Detectable Gases

Hydrocarbon Gases

Enhanced Laser Open path

Senscient ELDS detects gas escapes in open areas when a gas cloud cuts a beam of laser light. TLDAS (Tuneable Laser Diodes Absorption Spectroscopy) is an established technique used in process gas analysers. ELDS is an enhanced version of the same technique. It provides a more robust solution in open environments.

Enhanced Laser Diode Spectroscopy (ELDS™) is a unique class of laser diode spectroscopy that includes techniques for increasing sensitivity and reliability for gas detection applications. The Senscient ELDS uses the harmonic fingerprint and automatic functional testing of gas detectors to ensure it detects the target gas only. Harmonic Fingerprinting enables new levels of precision and reliability of target gas identification.

Target Specific Detectable Gases

CH4 / H2S / CO2 / HF / HCL / NH3 / Ethylene

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