Emergency Escape Respirators used during escape from dangerous gas leaks as well as Emergency Escape Hoods to prevent  inhalation of gases when escaping from fires.

There are three types of Emergency Escape Respirators available on the market.

  • Emergency Escape Filter Respirator that fits a mouthpiece into your mouth. 
  • Emergency Escape Hoods, that get pulled over your head and ensures easy fitment
  • Air or Oxygen Supplied Escape Devices 

Emergency Escape Respirators for Quick and Safe Evacuation of Hazardous Areas

Some work environments may contain a hazard where the immediate atmosphere becomes unbreathable. Some of these environments include mining, chemical processing and manufacturing facilities. To ensure your workers are protected from harm when working in these types of environments, make sure that emergency escape respirators are readily on hand. Emergency Escape respirators are designed to be easy to use and will protect your workers from various gases.


Mouthpiece Escape Respirator


miniScape Respirator

One-time use 5 minutes escape device. Small and handy, the miniSCAPE fits into the pocket of an overall or any work clothing. It can also be belt carried, with the very practical integrated belt clip.

Hood Type Escape Respirator


S-CAP Escape Hood

Minimum of 15 minutes escape device. The S-CAP smoke hood features a bright yellow hood with a wide lens allowing a large field of vision. Protect against carbon monoxide, acrolein, hydrogen chloride, hydrogen cyanide, sulphur dioxide and particles.

Supplied Air Escape Respirator

S-Cap-Air Escape Respirator

S-CAP Supplied Air Escape Hood

Minimum of 15 minutes escape device. The S-Cap Air is a compressed-air emergency escape device for use in extremely toxic or oxygen-deficient environments. Featuring fast, automatic activation, fluorescent protective carrying bag.

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