Gas Detection Controllers


Precision Safety Solutions is a supplier of a wide range of Gas Detection Controllers for Fixed Gas Detection applications across Australia and New Zealand.

When personnel monitoring is not available, or suitable, permanently installed detection systems (fixed gas detectors and gas detection controllers) are used for continuous monitoring. The controllers are therefore used as an indicating device of what the gas detector is detecting. The Gas Detection Controller furthermore acts as a device to activate alarms at preset alarm values.

The fixed gas detectors are strategically positioned to optimise detection coverage, and the together with the gas detection controller can initiate a variety of safety related actions in the event of a gas leak.. The advantage of using a Gas Detection Controller is that the fixed gas detectors are powered from the fixed gas controller. The controllers interface seamlessly with the gas detectors, and their is a visual reading of the gas concentrations in a safe area.


Gas Detection Controllers and Systems to Suit Your Application

Precision Safety offers a range of fixed gas detectors for the detection of Toxic, Combustible gases as well as Oxygen Deficiency/Enrichment. We provide a Gas Detection Controller suited to the size and application of the project. Examples of appropriate actions from a Gas Detection Controller at the time of a gas alarm is the activation of audible and visual alarms or ventilation / extraction systems and shutting down of plant equipment. Precision Safety not only supplies the gas detection equipment, we also arrange installation, perform the site commissioning and training, and perform on-site scheduled maintenance of the detectors, to ensure they are always in great working condition..

Our range of fixed gas detection controllers are available in various sizes from small sized applications for single point controllers / dual point controllers up to 8 detectors.

The next level of gas detection controllers is designed for Medium sized applications and range between 1-20 connected gas detectors to a Gas Detection Controller. Fixed Gas Detection Controllers are available as wall mount or rack mount options, depending on the site layout.

Use of Gas Detection Controllers

  • Provide power to the connected gas detectors
  • Visualise the gas detector readings in a central location
  • Display the gas detector readings at a door entry to a hazardous area or room
  • Warn workers from entering a room filled with dangerous gases
  • Activate audible and visual alarms at key locations to initiate an evacuation
  • Used as a stand alone gas detection system
  • Used as an interface between the factory or plant PLC
  • Segregate the gas detection system from any other alarm devices

Delivered Across Australia & NZ Direct From Sydney, Melbourne or Perth Warehouses

Fixed Gas Detection Controllers

Honeywell Unipoint-Controller

Honeywell Unipoint Controller

DIN rail mounted controller allows you to incorporate flammable, toxic or oxygen gas detection into control systems. ... Two versions of Unipoint are available; one for mV bridge, catalytic bead type, flammable gas detector and the other for any 2 or 3 wire 4-20mA type gas detector.


MSA Model 9010 Controller

The MSA 9010 Gas Detection Controller is wall mounted and operates with ONE sensor. Made from Polycarbonate material-IP65-and perforated cable entries for ease of installation. Internal power supply, programmable relays and has a low profile for single detector applications.

9020 Wall Mount Controller

MSA Model 9020 Dual Point Controller

The MSA 9020 Gas Detection Controller is wall mounted and operates with TWO independent gas detectors. Made from Polycarbonate material-IP65-and perforated cable entries for ease of installation. Internal power supply, programmable relays.

Honeywell Touchpoint Plus Controller

The Honeywell Touchpoint Plus is a wall mounted gas detection Controller that can be connected to up to 8 or 16 fixed gas detectors. Touchpoint Plus is easily configurable, supports up to sixteen channels of gas detection. Its intuitive user interface and modular approach enables you to take control and configures for a wide range of applications.


MSA Model 9010/20 Rack Controller

Monitoring up to 20 channels, it’s now also SIL 2 suitable. The MSA 9010 gas detection controller operates with one independent sensor, while the 9020 operates with two independent sensors per control module. Each module comes with an independent AC/DC power supply for increased system reliability.


MSA Trigard Gas Monitor

The TRIGARD Stand Alone Gas Monitoring System features the choice of 1-3 sensors. Ideal for detection of chlorine, sulfur dioxide and other toxic and combustible gases. The adjustable-range unit also detects oxygen deficiency and enrichment. AC or DC powered, the system features a highly visible LCD screen and simple push-button calibration

Precision Safety Solutions offer made-to-measure solutions to meet your requirements and budget.

Small Stand Alone to Integrated Systems

At PSS we listen to your specific requirements, and then provide fixed gas detectors and controller to suit your specific application. Detectors come in various shapes and sizes, and this depends on the type of application, gases to be detected, and local requirements for audible and visual alarms.

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