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Precision Safety offer a range of Half Mask Respirators and Filters for most applications. These respiratory devices provide protection against Toxic gases, vapours and harmful dust in normal working conditions or used for emergency escape.

Using filter respirators is suitable for use in areas where hazardous  toxic gases may occur, but when the concentrations are too high, or there is a risk of Oxygen levels dropping below 19.5%, then the use of pressurised escape equipment is required. At Precision Safety Solutions we pride ourselves with more than 30 years experience, providing respiratory protective equipment, advise, as well as excellent after sales service and support. This ensures you receive the best solution, and support for your products and equipment.

Precision Safety Solutions (PSS) offers made-to-measure solutions to meet your budget, yet be as safe as possible. Comfort of equipment is a major aspect to ensure people use their respiratory protective equipment. We sell and support one of the best product ranges available.

Our range includes Half Mask Respirators, Full Face Respirator MasksEmergency Escape Respirators used during escape from dangerous gas leaks as well as Emergency Escape Hoods to prevent  inhalation of gases when escaping from fires. We also supply a range of Compressed Air Emergency Escape Devices that provide compressed air to the person for up to 15 minutes during emergency evacuation. These Compressed Air Escape Devices are supplied with either a easy to use hood, or as a full face mask option.

MSA Half Mask Respirators


Advantage 200 Respirator

The Advantage 200 LS is a comfortable, efficient and economic half mask. It is ideal for applications where workers are exposed to various hazards from job to job, such as high concentrations of fumes, mists and gases.

Advantage-410 Respiratror

Advantage 410 Respirator

Advantage 410 Half Mask Respirator - Mono Filter. With its UniBond over-mould face piece, AnthroCurve face seal, and low profile design, the Advantage 410 Respirator is the superior option for respiratory protection.


Advantage 420 Respirator

An important characteristic of the Advantage 420 is user-friendliness. The innovative single loop head harness out shines the competition. It grants the user an intuitional operation and offers high comfort and flexibility.

Drager Half Mask Respirators

Dräger X-plore 2100 Half Mask

Dräger X-plore 2100 Half Masks - The reusable dust mask is the solution. The reusable dust mask is the solution for people working frequently in dusty environments. Its replaceable filters provide protection against solid and liquid particles. This half mask offers the perfect combination of comfort, safety and cost-effectiveness.


Dräger X-plore 3300 Half Mask​

A perfect combination: modern design and light weight offer you extra protection and comfort. Choose from the low-maintenance, cost-effective Dräger X-plore 3300 half mask made from EPDM Rubber


Dräger X-plore 3500 Half Mask

Dräger X-plore 3500 version for long lasting protection under tough conditions


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Respiratory Protection

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