Self Retracting Lanyards

Precision Safety offer an extensive range of selfretracting lanyards for use when working at height or in confined spaces, across all types of markets and aplications.

Self Retracting Lanyards allow movement around work areas and environments, confidently knowing you are protected. Working together with other fall protection components such as harnesses, and anchorages. Innovation in self-retracting lifelines provide enhanced mobility and convenience for effective fall arrest in any situation.

Self Retracting Lanyards or SRL’s as they are known range from lightweight designs for easy portability to dual-mode models for self and assisted rescue. Various styles, configurations and lengths are available to suit any application. All Self Retracting Lanyards are built to meet or exceed local safety standards, prove reliable protection that supports you and the work you do.

Harnesses and lanyards supplied by PSS are tested by the the Original Equipment manufacturers in accordance with the guidelines of the Australian and New Zealand Standard AS/NZ 1891.1 2007. Each product is subjected to stringent testing and to a quality assurance program before it is certified to meet the Standard. The ISO9001 international quality management system accreditation and an on-site National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) accredited laboratory are additional assurances of you receiving a quality product every time.


MSA Fall Protection

MSA V-Tec-Mini-Retractable-Lanyard

MSA V-TEC Mini Personal Fall Limiter

MSA V-Tec Mini Single and Twin Leg Retractable Lanyard. The V-TEC Mini retractable lanyard is the most compact & lightweight self-retracting lanyard ever developed, using multiple spring radial energy-absorbing technology. This new design eliminates the need for an external energy-absorber outside of the housing making it the smallest retractable lanyard on the market.

MSA V-TEC Self Retracting Lifeline

With premium stainless steel components and innovative engineering, the V-TEC Self Retracting Lifeline incorporates a precision-made spring radial energy absorber that requires zero calibration or adjustment. The retraction dampening feature controls cable retraction speeds preventing pre-mature and accidental load indicator deployment.


MSA’s V-EDGE SRL is designed to be used for horizontal, overhead, and leading edge applications, taking the guesswork out of equipment selection. Retraction-dampening feature controls rate of lifeline speed, preventing unwanted damage to the unit, and maximising product longevity.

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